Friday, 24 March 2017

3D VR Puzzle for Anatomy Education [HTC Vive]

An individual scientific project, "3D Puzzle VR for Anatomy Education". The project focused on delivering basic knowledge of anatomical models through VR. Using device HTC Vive and its motion controllers to interact with the model and its objects. 

In this educational game, the three anatomical models were used Skull, Foot and Knee. In the start, the model is loaded into a simple environment which shows a defined boundary. The model is then ready to be puzzled, the user can select the "Start puzzle" option which will split the model into smaller objects and rotate them as well. The user can interact with each object and snap to the correct part. In order to do this, the user needs to pick 2 objects and then snap it. So, the two-handed interaction is possible and makes it more easy for the user to assemble parts together. The user can scale the whole model as well at any point during the session. 

This project was intended to be a research prototype and was developed during semester time. The prototype was then evaluated by some professional anatomist to get feedback about models and level of detail.

Final presentation

Final report

The source code of this project can be found on this link:

I am Asema Hassan, a Software Engineer and an AI enthusiast. I have been working in games industry since Feb 2012.

Asema Hassan
Magdeburg, Germany