Friday, 24 March 2017

Simulation: External control of Swarm of Copters
A simulation-based team project on "External control of a swarm of Copters"; the project majorly focused on controlling the behavior of copters in an unknown dynamic landscape. Using a 1px color sensor, the copter should be able to keep its position intact to reach the final goal. We developed a simulation for this behavior and tested with different parameters while changing the landscape. In order to run the simulation several times,  an External API was developed in python to control parameters and log the changes occurring in the environment. 

The final presentation of the project

A simple gradient following behavior.

Behavior in changing the environment with UI for parameters of the map.

Behavior with another environment.

To run a simulation using python to control parameters.

I am Asema Hassan, a Software Engineer and an AI enthusiast. I have been working in games industry since Feb 2012.

Asema Hassan
Magdeburg, Germany