Monday, 8 April 2019

Digital Art

In the game industry, we have all variety of departments and specialization. One of the most important and fun is the art department. As a game developer, I thought it would be really important to be part of game design and concept art as well. So, I thought of taking some lessons from the recognized Concept Artist and a friend Yusaf Ejaz from Islamabad, Pakistan. We used to have weekly sessions and some hangouts for live painting practice. He worked pretty hard with us to make sure, we could learn how to draw things with pencil and do some basic digital painting. It is a very demanding field which required a lot of practice, effort and time. I think, my core developer was not ready to put in that much time here. So, I only learned the very basics of how to do digital painting.

Südfriedhof - Försterstraße, 39112 Magdeburg 2017

One favorite painting from a class session

Desert color values variation

Simplifying complex trees

Perspective lines with basic shapes_1

Perspective lines with basic shapes_2

Character practice session_1

Character practice session_2

Live painting session in F9 park, Islamabad

Practicing color values 1

Practicing color values 2

Practicing color values 3

Practicing with different brushes 1

Perspective idea

I only learned all of this in a few months. I used SketchBookX Pro @Samsung Note 8.0 and Photoshop with Wacom Bamboo tablet

I am Asema Hassan, a Software Engineer and an AI enthusiast. I have been working in games industry since Feb 2012.

Asema Hassan
Magdeburg, Germany