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DZNE, Magdeburg (Oct'15 - Present)

I am working as a VR Programmer at the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases DZNE. 
Where we develop research-based 3D VR simulation (+games) in Unity3D. The focus of research is to analyze dementia and Alzheimer in the early stages of an aging population. DZNE is a non-university research center with several sites all over Germany. I work in Magdeburg, with Prof. Thomas Wolbers  Wolbers Lab majorly focusing on "Aging and Cognition Research". 

Grid Cell with Passive Path Movement
Memory Recall with Realistic Timing Task 
Point Light Navigation Route

Point Light Navigation with Avatar

Head Direction Task  (Global and Local Orientation)


Path Integration

MSc.Digital Engineering (Mar'15 - Jun'18)

Master Thesis
The topic of the master thesis was "Nature Games: Collective Decision making in Fish School".
Master Thesis Report In this thesis, the collective-behavior of fish is studied to see if the majority can achieve consensus in the multi-target environment. The experiment replicated in this thesis consists of a three-armed choice environment with fish divided into groups based on their trained target. The individuals are mixed to test if they can reach a general agreement by moving to the third target which has similarity to their trained target. The designed simulation model is based on the same experiment, where the group of fish has its rewarded arm as memory. The two distinctive fish groups are combined later for the testing phase to test if the mixed individuals of the swarm can reach a consensus. The Self-organised behavior (SOB) of fish in the swarm is indeed a challenging task, considering how the real fish behaves with visual cues, spatial memory of rewards and precautions from predators. The scope of this work is limited to only one goal. How can a fish achieve consensus within a group? Is it based on social information, personal information or both? A prediction based voter model is implemented to attain the fish behavior mentioned above. The model has a majority rated rule approach; every agent decides the heading direction based on the multi-criteria (a) minimum distance to the known target and (b) cohesion on the decision taken by each agent in the communication radius. The direction which is voted by the majority is now the preferred heading direction of the local flock. The results from the simulation are satisfactory, where more than 50% of the agents always achieve consensus in the mixed group experiment.
IEEE Conference Publication: Understanding Collective Decision-Making in Natural Swarms

Swarm Robotics
A simulation-based team project on "External control of a swarm of Copters"; the project majorly focused on controlling the behavior of copters in an unknown dynamic landscape. Using a 1px color sensor, the copter should be able to keep its position intact to reach the final goal. We developed a simulation for this behavior and tested with different parameters while changing the landscape. For further details read here

Virtual Reality
An individual scientific project, "3D Puzzle VR for Anatomy Education". The project focused on delivering basic knowledge of anatomical models through VR. Using device HTC Vive and its motion controllers to interact with the model and its objects. In this educational game, the three anatomical models were used Skull, Foot and Knee. In the start, the model is loaded into a simple environment which shows a defined boundary. The model is then ready to be a puzzle, the user can select "Start puzzle" option which will split the model into smaller objects and rotate them as well. The user can interact with each object and snap to the correct part. In order to do this, the user needs to pick 2 objects and then snap it. So, the two-handed interaction is possible and makes it more easy for the user to assemble parts together. The user can scale the whole model as well at any point during the session. This project was intended to be a research prototype and was developed during semester time. The prototype was then evaluated by some professional anatomist to get feedback about models and level of detail. For further details read here

Foot model puzzle solving
Knee model puzzle

Augmented Reality
The project focuses on developing an interactive fun experience for kids. The project will be deployed to the museums. It involved some surveys to the museums of Germany before the actual development starts. The relevant data and specification document was made after visiting 7 different museums. Based on the demands of museums and targeted audience, generic game design was finalized to develop the prototype. The project development involves 2 Projectors and a SensFloor. The projectors will project two parts of the game, one will project gameplay on the wall, and second will project on the floor the interaction buttons or user interface. The SensFloor is used to get the input of the player based on the pressure value. The project prototype has been completed in February'17. A detailed post can be found here
A player testing the game- A first glimpse of the interaction with the game.

Book Reviewer (May'15 - May' 17)

Mastering Android Game Development with Unity
Siddharth Shekar, Wajahat Karim - May 2017
Book Details - ISBN 139781783550777

The first book that I have reviewed besides working on study reports and thesis. It was a nice experience overall. Packtpub gave me this opportunity and I am very glad it happened as I have learned more while doing it.

As the title suggests clearly the book is targeting  Android Game Development with Unity Engine and authors have explained pretty well the concepts and process of developing a game from scratch till publishing. 

Being a front end game developer and mostly focusing on gameplay programming, sometimes you can't remember the whole process. This book actually helped me as well to understand it more clearly. So, I can definitely say for indie mobile game developers it will be a good read. Having some prior knowledge of  Unity would be a plus point. Cheers ;)

Teacher Assistant(Apr'16 - Jul' 16)
I was selected as a tutor for the course of Computational Intelligence in Games. I was responsible for exercises related to the lectures and at the end evaluation of student projects. Event link.

Freelance(Sept '15 - Sept ' 16)
I worked on a freelance project from Islamabad, Pakistan. A 3D parkour free runner game for the mobile platform. 

Lecturer (Oct '13 - Sept ' 14)
I worked as a Visiting Faculty at Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi under the faculty of Computer Arts (CA). The courses were designed for bachelor study BCA. Also supervised a bachelor thesis "Interactive 3D Virtual Tour" by Aisha Murtaza.

  • Game Design and Development.
  • Interactive Portfolio

MS(CS) Final Thesis (Sept '11 - Sept ' 14)
Masters of Computer Science with specialization in Artificial Intelligence from COMSATS, Islamabad. The title of the thesis was "Emotional Intelligence to enhance team collaboration in multiplayer shooting games". The motivation behind this thesis was to work on the behavior of NPC's in a way that they also act emotionally intelligent while playing along human. Rather than just wandering around like robots, they should also react to the situation in the game. The concept and design came from the book of Robert Dillion who defined a 6-11 framework using 6 basics emotions and 11 instincts. I used those emotions and instincts as a baseline to defined the basic rules for every bot. For the experiment, I developed a prototype in Unity3D to show the mapping of those emotions triggered by instincts in the game. Every follower agent (NPC) of player was analyzed using the emotional meter to see which emotions are affected when a certain instinct is triggered.

Developer: Asema Hassan
Supervisor: Associate Prof. Dr. Manzoor Illahi Tamimy
Co supervisor: Umar Nauman

AGNITUS, Islamabad (Nov'12 - Feb'15)
An amazing experience to work on educational games for kids. Understanding every aspect of how a child will behave to a certain state in the game. I have worked on the following games during my employment period. Agnitus is a Winner of the 2014 Family & Parent Choice Award, Kappi Gold Award, NAPPA Gold Award & TeachersWithApps Award. Following the list of games on iOS and Android store, every game on the iOS app store has one free and paid version.

Jigsaw Puzzle
Interactive Halloween theme puzzle game for kids and toddlers to improve their motor and cognitive skills by joining the small pieces of puzzles into bigger Halloween scenes.
For Android:

Sticker Customisation
The game is all about decorating your environment with different stickers provided in the slider menu, you can take a screenshot of your decorated environment too and share it with your friends on Facebook.

For iOS:
My Sticker Playtime
Princess Merida Dress up

For Android:
Ted: Kids Talking Dog Stickers

Drawing Shapes
An educational program designed for 2 to 5 years old children. The app allows your child to have fun while learning how to color their favorite characters. Enable your child to color and create masterpieces enhancing his creative abilities.

For iOS:
Kidfinity Pots & Paints
Tiny Artist Coloring Shapes

For Android:
Playtime Coloring and Painting
TinyArtist Coloring Shapes

Naming Fruits, Colors and 2D Shapes
How can you train your kid to remember all the fruits that they love to eat? This game is based on skills to familiarise kids with names of fruits. It contains a total of 4 skills, picks a fruit by name, by the same color, by same starting letters and by counting picking of same fruit several times. The same set of skills are applied to 2D shapes. Colors are displayed in the form of hanging shapes and balloons to attract your child into playing the educational program. Designed to teach your 2 to 5 years old toddler about Colors & Shape. Perfect for Toddlers & Preschool Kids.

For iOS:
Color Names & Shapes Playtime
Preschool Color Names, Shapes & Sound Puzzle
Fruit Naming - Picking & Identifying
Candy Shapes Matching Puzzle Game
Color Match Princess Shapes
Halloween Colors Matching Puzzle
Monster Shapes Puzzle
Icky Color and Shapes
Pumpkin Shapes, Identifying & Picking Shapes

For Android:
Preschool pumpkin shapes
Learning games colouring book
Shapes Sorting
Chomp Learn Fruit and Food name
Chomp Learn Shape & Color Name
POP: Learn colour for babies
Pumpkin Colors playtime
Smart Baby: Learn Color Names

Size Comparison
Teaching your kid how to sort things to reach a final destination. The game is all about comparing sizes of blocks and also sorting them in an order to reach a destination point to complete a level.

For iOS:
Sort by Size - Learn Basic Counting
Candy Blocks - Delicious Candy Wonderland

For Android:
Sorting game for kids
Monster Sort: Size and Numbers
Treasure Sort Halloween

Initial Consonant Sounds
Teaching your kid how to pronounce words and letters properly, this game provides skill set; 
  • Match alphabet sounds to words. The focus is on learning consonant sounds.
  • Learning phonics helps children learn to read and spell.
  • Knowing & learning the sounds of ABC, alphabet and letter combinations teaches kids to decode words as the child reads.
  • The skills are divided into 3 different game plays.
For iOS:
Turbo Phonics: Beginning Word Sounds: Lesson 1 of 4
Turbo Phonics: Beginning Word Sounds: Lesson 2 of 4
Turbo Phonics: Beginning Word Sounds: Lesson 4 of 4
TopIQ Phonics: Beginning Word Sounds: Lesson 1 of 4
TopIQ Phonics: Beginning Word Sounds: Lesson 2 of 4
TopIQ Phonics: Beginning Word Sounds: Lesson 4 of 4

For Android:
Circus: Kindergarten Phonics
Phonics: Soundout Words Puzzle
Mouse Phonics Learn ABC Sounds

A fun playground for your babies. 
Enhance your child’s imagination by letting them loose in the playpen. Do multiple activities with the toys of your choice. An all-interactive playpen with multiple items, and hidden musical treats.

For iOS:
My Baby Playground

For Android:
My Baby Playground

Agnitus skills
Progress report of child

Developer: Asema Hassan
Team Lead: Faisal Aleem (Cocos2D) / Umair Mehmood (Unity3D)
Company: Agnitus – Games for learning 
App store: Agnitus Apps
Google store: Agnitus Apps Android

UNICORN BLACK, Islamabad (June'12 - October'12)

Burka Rescue
This is a promotional game for an animated cartoon series “Burka Avenger.” The game is for children under 10 years. The concept was actually an inspiration from Madagascar 3 -Pillow fight.  So, we kept it very simple for kids. In the game, random enemies pop out from some hidden places and you have to hit them down with books and pens. The project is completely developed in Unity3D  assets are owned by the company itself. The targeted platforms are Web and Android. Here is a video attached to the gameplay on an android device, and a link to the web version of the game. Enjoy :)
Burka Rescue

Developers: Asema Hassan and Anjuman Shaheen
Animator: Sadaf Gul - Burka Rescue gameplay video
Art Work: Burka Avenger
Platform:  Web and Android
Company: Unicorn Black, Islamabad (Mango Animation)

3D GIT COMSATS, Islamabad (Feb'12 - June'12)
Project "First Person Shooter Game for Healing Brain Tumor", this project was a funded from ICT R & D, the main theme of this game project was to heal cancer in patients under 16 years. The project was completely developed in Unity3D. The models and environment were designed on the basis of research and survey that were conducted in different schools before starting the development process. For further details of this project please visit 3D Git Official website Prototype Link
    BS(CS) Final year project (Mar'07 - Feb'11)
    These are some screenshots of the final year project which I did use Unity3D, it was a third person shooter training session for PC. All the assets belong to Unity3D solely, as a beginner in a game programmer to learn unity3D I did pick all the assets from unity tutorials and asset store merged them all under one project and came up with this training session. The mission was simply based on the storyline, which has to be completed in a certain period of time. BS(CS) Thesis Report
      3D Game Menu
       Mission Statement
      Robot Enemy 2
      Mission Completed

      I am Asema Hassan, a Software Engineer and an AI enthusiast. I have been working in games industry since Feb 2012.

      Asema Hassan
      Magdeburg, Germany